“I don’t think she has the biggest power-players on speed dial, but she has rich non-Page Sixers who spend big money. In her job, you wrangle people, make sure they have a great time when they’re at the club, provide them with connections in Los Angeles and Vegas when they’re there. It’s an extended client services job.” — An anonymous Excellent Person commenting on a competitor

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One thought on “QUOTE, UNQUOTE

  1. namelessneed says:

    I’m not sure why this post finds itself in the BEAUTY
    tag room. For me, Beauty is the saving grace we may or may not notice about this challanging existence that makes it all…Misery, squallor, cruelty, greed, violence, plus the natural horrors that men & women are not responsible for, like natural disasters, for example
    BEAUTY makes them all worth it, somehow (if you notice)
    you may see why I don’t see yr posting belonging here

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