Presenting Adrian Pasdar as Jim Profit, in the Outstandingly Excellent short-lived mid 1990s Fox Television show Profit, about a ambitious, revengeful and unethical employee (he’s not above blackmail, bribery, extortion, or murder to get ahead) of Gracen and Gracen (G&G), a multinational corporation. Need-to-know information: Jim Profit was raised in a cardboard G&G shipping box, with the TV on at all hours, by an abusive father, until he set his father on fire and ran away. The experience left him with a complete hatred of TV and a desire to insinuate himself into the G&G family by any means necessary. However, he still sleeps, naked, in a G&G shipping box in a secret room of his spacious and luxurious apartment. And, Jim and his mother were once lovers. An Excellent quote from Jim Profit: “The line most people say they won’t cross – it’s usually something they’ve already done when they thought no one was watching.”

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