Toasting His Excellency Bill Cunningham, Outstandingly Excellent and legendary 71-year-old, still on-the-go fashion photographer of celebrities, socialites, fashion personalities, and other Excellent People, for The New York Times, honored as a Chevalier dans l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture in 2008. The unparalleled, often imitated, never duplicated, original Sartorialist.

Sartorial Excellence: His Excellency Bill Cunningham of The New York Times.

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  1. jean*luc says:

    bill is excellently amazing ! i remember him @ the 1st show i organized back in october 1993 … it was on the occasion of the julie skarland ss94 collection, the show entitled “chinese trolls” was held outdoors, @ night, in the courtyard of the centre culturel suédois in paris’ le marais … a brilliant scenography by guri dahl with projections all over the ancient building’s walls … litterally 5 min before the show time the rain started pouring really hard ! no seating, all the guests were standing under a cold heavy rain … models walking stoically with tiny umbrellas while the rain was messing their hair, making their make up all runny an drenching their satin, tulle & cheese-cloth princess-like gowns … the whole scene was so poetic and made the silhouettes more ethereal … of course some editors complained, some of the less important ones even left, but amy spindler (@ the time the nyt’s fashion writer) stood still while bill cunnigham was running around, jumping like a kid, all excited, shooting and shooting again … after the show he came to me and with a huge smile on his beautiful face told me how much he enjoyed it all !!!
    this man has got such a big soul and such a big talent !

    • rickywrite says:

      Really beautiful. He is such a nice man! Love him, and his pictures. He has a genuine appreciation and knowledge of fashion. And he still goes everywhere on that bike! Legend.

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