Anticipating Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady, by His Excellency Derek Blasberg, St. Louis, Missouri-born, Manhattan-based, bon vivant, Senior Fashion News and Special Projects Editor at V and VMAN Magazines, contributing editor to, and to international editions of Vogue; also a writer for such Excellent publications as Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, and the London Sunday Times, Product description: “If you’ve ever wondered how to climb the social ladder with grace, how to feel confident in every situation, or even how to make a lasting impression (but not the kind that lands you on the latest “Worst Dressed List”)—Derek Blasberg is here, with quotes and secrets from all the socialites so girls everywhere can learn how to have class  This hilarious handbook will provide everything you need to know about fashion, socializing, dating, and etiquette. With tons of practical tips and tools for learning to flaunt what you’ve got, dozens of specific how-tos, common no-nos, and huge blunders that even smart girls make, this tongue-in-cheek book will train you to be a lady, and not a tramp!” Available for pre-order at Amazon.

Excellent tips: Writer Derek Blasberg's soon-to-be published "Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady." Image via Amazon.

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