The Excellently Elegant Exit of Desiree Rogers, Former White House Social Secretary

“It’s been a tremendous experience and honor to serve this president and first lady in what is really a historic presidency for all Americans but particularly for African-Americans,” said Desirée Rogers, upon announcing her decision to resign as White House social secretary, noting that she has succeeded in her, and Michelle Obama‘s, goal to make the White House “the people’s house” by inviting citizens from all walks of life to the more then 300 events she oversaw while on duty. “That is part of the reason I came out to do the job.”  And what about some people’s complaints that she was unqualified for the post, specifically following that controversial party crasher incident during the Obama’s first state dinner, which she organized, and her penchant, unlike previous, perhaps less Excellent, social secretaries, for seeking publicity for herself by posing for chic publications and consistently wearing glamorous outfits? “It has nothing to do with being glamorous. That is all make-believe in the eyes of the press. This is who I am. This is how I dress. I’ve always dressed this way. It’s all a matter of your taste.”

Excellently well-dressed: White House social secretary Desiree Rogers, wearing Comme des Garçons, at the Obama's first state dinner. Image via The Associated Press.

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