Crystalline Excellence: Rogier van der Heide’s Dream Cloud

Presenting an image of Dutch architectural lighting designer Rogier van der Heide‘s “Dream Cloud,” an installation consisting of 1,500 crystals, some of them coated with transparent magenta and cyan paint, forming a surreal cloud floating above a field of genuine black tulips from The Netherlands. Says van der Heide: “I present Swarovski Crystal Palace in Milan as a dreamy cloud of crystals, a three-dimensional sculpture that expresses the natural, magical, imaginative and beautiful. “Dream Cloud” consists out of thousands, pure, untreated small crystals, floating in the air, transforming a black space by giving it a point of gravity: the epicentre of the visitor’s attention. And on the floor, moving clouds form a surreal, magical carpet. Guests wander through and realise that Swarovski elevates them above the clouds, where the shimmering crystals, bathing in cool blue moonlight, make a dream come true.”  The sculpture “is an interpretation of the crystals’ purest, most intrinsic features: how they spark our imagination, and make our dreams come true. It relies on the natural beauty of the crystals and has the magic of Northern Light.”

Roger van der Heide's "Dream Cloud' installation, presented at the Swarovski Crystal Palace 2010 in Milan.

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One thought on “Crystalline Excellence: Rogier van der Heide’s Dream Cloud

  1. Many thanks for posting this… The Swarovski Crystal Palace is a fantastic experience this year, about space, light and reflection. All designers have done amazing things with a strong architectural approach I think, and all have used LED as their preferred light source… The future is today.

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