The Crafty Excellence of Embroidery Artist Justin Morin, Currently on View During His Second Solo Exhibition in Four Years at the 25th International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères, France

After his critically-acclaimed solo show in 2006, a very personal exhibition of technically ingenious and Outstandingly Excellent contemporary embroideries, which he titled Beside the glittering, artist Justin Morin returns to Hyères this year with one of the most anticipated exhibitions at the 25th international Festival of Fashion and Photography. His installation Carrie is a multilayered mediation on narrative that examines the relationship between the benches used for seating at runway shows and the fashion show itself, and finds its inspiration in the novel by Stephen King, the film by Brain de Palma, and perhaps most tellingly, in the artist’s own preoccupation with performance as it relates to the universe of fashion. The story of Carrie and how the young woman is banished and humiliated by her “friends,” and the way in which she avenges this treatment is what interests Morin. The spirit of the installation, presented in the pigeon loft of the gardens of the Villa Noailles, is that of a mise-en-scène of Carrie, reincarnated in architectural form, wearing dripping clothing, and shown in sreenshots. “I’m translating a critique of the cult of beauty. Carrie therefore serves to defend atypical norms and contradicts the canons of beauty,” says Morin. “I am super touched to return after 4 years to the place that saw my birth as an artist. With this sculpture, I’m performing a different kind of work. Hyères is seeing the the evolution of my career.” As press materials for the exhibition Excellently state, “Decidedly phantasmagoric, this sculpture will certainly find a unique parallel in the beauty queens and all of those who dream of one day rising to the highest level.”  Justin Morin’s Carrie is on view until May 30, 2010. For more information, please click HERE.

©Justin Morin, The Secret Science Behind Miracles, collage sur papier (50x65cm), 2010. Image via Villa Noailles.

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