Burglary at its Most Excellent (and Expensive), Part 2: Paris Division

Presenting George Braque‘s ‘Landscape with Olive Tree,’ (1906), one of 5 priceless masterpieces recently stolen by a hooded thief, who was captured on CCTV cameras, during an historic heist from the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The other plundered artworks, which are too famous to be sold on the open market, according to experts, include Pablo Picasso‘s ‘Dove with Green Peas’, painted in 1912, Henri Matisse‘s ‘Pastoral,’ (1906), Amedeo Modogliani‘s ‘Woman with a Fan,’ (1919), and Fernand Leger‘s ‘Still Life with a Chandelier.’ (1922). Said London’s  The Daily Mail: “The prosecutor’s office initially estimated the five paintings’ total worth at as much as 500 million euros. However, the museum itself has since downgraded that estimate to about 100 million euros. Experts maintained the paintings would be worth hundreds of millions at auction.”

Historic heist: George Braque's priceless 'Landscape with Olive Tree," recently stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art. Image via The London Daily Mail.

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