Couture Report: The Outstandingly Haute and Colorul Excellency of Parisian Designer Adeline Andre’s Multilayered “Suspension Dresses”

Excellency speaking for itself. Via Jenny Barchfield of The Associated Press: “...At Adeline Andre, technicians in white lab coats peeled layer after onion-like layer off one model, assembling what the carrot-topped designer called “suspension dresses” — something like multicolored silk nighties with abbreviated silk panels like midriff tops held at varying lengths by extra-long spaghetti straps — onto other models. Held in a two-room gallery in central Paris, the bare-bones show-cum-performance piece was at the opposite end of the spectrum from big-budget extravaganzas like Dior’s. But what it lacked in financial punch, the Andre show made up for it heart…”  Coming soon: Adeline Andre in conversation with The EP.

Haute suspension: Adeline Andre, far right, and technicians, dress Charlotte Flossaut during the recent Adeline Andre haute couture presentation in Paris, July 5, 2010. Image via ASVOF.

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