Conversations On A Banquette: Susan Tabak, Une Femme Très Chic

Susan Tabak is the best-selling author of Chic In Paris: Style Secrets & Best Addresses, published in 2006. She is also a former in-demand personal shopper, now operating the must-read website, where she shares her expert opinion on what’s new and noteworthy in fashion, entertainment, and travel. Also to be found on the Excellently-designed blog are Tabak’s personal recommendations, designer profiles and collection reports, as well as travel diaries and her well-known Chic Lists. Primarily a resident of New York, where she lives with her family, Susan is actually an always-impeccably-dressed globetrotting woman of the world, as anyone who follows her Tweets already knows. In fact, last year the Times of London named Susan Tabak the #1 Fashion Twitterer, noting that she “puts her contemporaries to shame on Twitter.” Recently, The EP spoke with Susan to find out some of the secrets of her stylish success. No embarrassment in that… To read the full interview, please click HERE. (Downloadable PDF)

The Excellent Susan Tabak at the VBH boutique on Madison Avenue. Image courtesy Susan Tabak.

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