The Return of Excellence: The Manipulator’s New Issue for 2010

Large format Excellence: The Manipulator magazine, published by Johnno de Plessis. Image via

Celebrating the long-overdue return of THE MANIPULATOR, the revolutionary and Excellently Outstanding 80s/90s publication. “THE MANIPULATOR magazine was born in 1984 into a world almost unimaginable today: no cell-phones, no internet, no Adobe Photoshop, no digital cameras. In those quondam times, it was the cordless phone, the fax machine, the colour-copier and the Apple IIc that defined the technologically savvy,” writes founder Johnno du Plessis on the magazine’s website, which announces a new issue for 2010. “The romance between THE MANIPULATOR and photography as a platform for advertisements for trendsetting companies and brands would last for ten years. The decision to cease publication in 1994 was a relatively easy one – better to end it all while the magazine was still cherished and esteemed. The odd back-issue of THE MANIPULATOR would pop up as part of the set-dressing on a movie, or grace a popstar’s album cover, or be a prop in some music video, or a feature in some exhibit. Even Helmut Newton admitted to its influence when he published his same-sized Helmut Newton’s SUMO. THE MANIPULATOR was a revolution in its time; the true trendsetting magazine in the worlds largest format.” Welcome back!

The Manipulator. Image via

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2 thoughts on “The Return of Excellence: The Manipulator’s New Issue for 2010

  1. david says:

    Hello: Have a 1989 issue number 18. Looking to sell. Any suggestions? D

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