Excellently Theatrical: The “Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballet Russes” Exhibition at London’s Outstanding Victoria & Albert Museum

Presenting Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballet Russes, the V&A’s major autumn exhibition, on view from September 25, 2010 until 9 January 2011. The Excellently extraordinary show explores “the world of the influential artistic director Serge Diaghilev and the most exciting dance company of the 20th century. Diaghilev combined dance, music and art in bold ways to create ‘total theatre’. A consummate collaborator, he worked with Stravinsky, Chanel, Picasso, Matisse and Nijinsky,” according to MuseumPublicity.com. “Treasures on show will include Picasso’s huge front cloth for Le Train Bleu, as well as original costumes and set designs, props and posters by artists and designers like Léon Bakst, Georges Braque, Jean Cocteau and Natalia Goncharova. These will tell the story of a company which began in the social and political upheaval of pre-revolutionary Russia and went on to cause a sensation with exotic performances that had never been seen before.”

Theatrical Excellence: Pablo Picasso’s canvas ‘Le Train Bleu’, 1924. Image via MuseumPublicity.com via the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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