Excellent Design: The ‘Papier Tyvek Bag’ by Saskia Diez for Stefan Diez

Presenting the Papier Tyvek bag, designed by Saskia Diez for Stefan Diez. Design year: 2010. Manufacturer: Saskia Diez, Germany. Materials: Tyvek. Need to know information, via Moss Online: While designing the “Papier” Tyvek travel bag, Saskia and Stefan Diez considered the basic requirements of a travel bag – durability, protection and weight – and sought for an appropriate material other than the traditional choices of leather and reinforced textiles. They chose Tyvek, a synthetic paper that is extremely lightweight – this bag weighs only 5 ounces – but at the same time is both waterproof and tear-proof. The material is also completely recyclable. “Papier” won the German Designpreis in 2010. Dimensions:19.5″ x 10″ x 13″. Price: $195.00. To purchase, please click HERE.

The Papier Tyvek bag designed by Saskia Diez for Stefan Diez.in 2010. Available at MossOnline.com. Image via MossOnline.com.

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