Excellent Flashback: ‘Moratoire Noir’ – Jacques de Bascher’s Risqué Suburban Party for Karl Lagerfeld During Paris Fashion Week, 1977

Presenting the Excellent exclusive invitation to the notorious Moratoire Noir party. Organized by the Outstanding Jacques de Bascher de Beaumarchais, the 1977 event, according to Agenda Inc., “introduced the fashion world – for the first time – to the darker edges of the Parisian suburbs and Mapplethorpian quantities of leather. Said the Washington Post: “It was planned as a “nice party for all Karl Lagerfeld’s friends,” explained Count Xavier de Cadtella, who was dressed in a fluorescent orange-and-silver Star Wars getup. He was leaning over the catwalk above the black-walled, barren warehouse lit only by criss-crossing green laser beams. Below, more than 3,000 of the “friends,” all dressed in black as required on the invitations, gyrated to blasting electronic music. The scene was La Main Bleue, Europe’s biggest disco located in Montreuil on the edge of Paris, an area where many African workers live. Started by Jean Michel Mouhac as a club for blacks, it soon became the chic place for fashion stars and swingy socialites on certain week-nights, much the way harlem once was the “in” place in New York.” Intrigued? Please click HERE for additional titalation.

Excellently attending: The invitation to Jacques de Bascher de Beaumarchais' notorious Moratoire Noir party. Image via Agenda Inc.

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