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Excellent Reflections: Picture Me: A Model’s Diary, Directed by Ole Schell

Presenting, just in time for global Fashion Weeks, the official trailer for Picture Me: A Model’s Diary, the candid backstage documentary directed by Ole Schell, who, according to press reports, “followed model Sara Ziff for several years documenting her rise from a fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. In the process, Ole and Sara go behind the scenes and chronicle the glitzy world of high fashion modeling, from photo shoots with celebrated photographers to runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. This intimate account features in-depth interviews with noted photographers and designers, but also relies on footage shot by the models themselves, giving voice to those who are often seen, but rarely heard.” With glamorous appearances by Gilles Bensimon, Karl Lagerfeld, Nicole Miller and many Outstandingly Excellent and quite fashionable others.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Quote, Unquote

“There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means that the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.” —Carine Roitfeld

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Quote, Unquote

“There are still people who want to criminalize homosexuality one way or another, and I thought it might useful if more heterosexual men admitted that they are a little bit gay, as is everyone, and that homosexuality is a form of love and not just sex.” Christopher Hitchens, The New York Times, June 6th, 2010

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The Gender Bending Excellence of Ricardo Tisci as Presented by Model Lea T. in Givenchy’s New Advertising Campaign for Fall/Winter 2010/11

As first reported by WWD, Ricardo Tisci, head designer at Givenchy “is using a transexual among the cast for the house’s fall-winter ad campaign, and it’s someone he knows well: his longtime personal assistant and, interestingly enough, former fit model for his own line. Lea T., a Brazilian with delicate features previously known as Leo, appears alongside an ethnically diverse range of faces in the spots, slated to break in the July issue of L’Uomo Vogue. “She’s always been very feminine: superfragile, very aristocratic,” Tisci enthused of the former Mr. T. “She’s part of the family,” he said, noting that Lea is transitioning into a new career, veterinary medicine, in Milan.”

Lea T. in Givenchy's new Fall/Winter advertising campaign, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Image via WWD via Courtesy Photo.

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Cinematic Excellence: The Passionate Friends, Directed by Sir David Lean

Presenting the trailer for The Passionate Friends, the visually stunning 1949 movie, set high up in the Swiss Alps, starring Ann Todd, Claude Rains, and Trevor Howard, directed by His Excellency Sir David Lean. The darkly romantic film (recently restored by the BFI National Archive and Grenada International, with generous support from The David Lean Foundation) tells the story of  a love triangle involving a woman, married to a wealthy, older businessman, who cannot give up on, and who conitnues to reminisce about, her torrid (for the times) affair with a another, younger, man. Excellency for your consideration, behavioral division.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Quote, Unquote

Then there was a picture of Luc so mythically beautiful that my mouth went dry and then I found I was flooded with a little sob. He was looking through me, eyes narrowed but translucent in sunshine, sea-wet hair pushed oddly, darkly back, lips apart but firm, as if trying out his own name, naked to the bottom edge of the photograph, just below the navel, and his long hands stretched wide, some ordinary gesture, caught half-way through so that he looked like Nijinsky resting in the air. Alan Hollinghurst, The Folding Star

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Excellent Reminder: The BRIC Auction @ Saatchi Gallery, London, via Phillips de Pury & Company, London and Worldwide

Excellent calendars are marked for the BRIC auction at Saatchi Gallery, London, presented by the Outstandingly Excellent Phillips de Pury & Company, London and Worldwide: From the press release: “On 23rd and 24th April, Phillips de Pury & Company will hold their BRIC auctions at London’s Saatchi Gallery. The BRIC auctions will be the very first sales of Contemporary Art from today’s fastest-growing and burgeoning international powerhouses: Brazil, Russia, India and China. The auctions will launch with an evening sale on April 23rd, featuring seminal works from a selection of the four countries’ key Contemporary artists, and followed on April 24th, by four separate day sales, each dedicated to separate BRIC country and offering works by the most successful and dynamic Contemporary artists from the various regions. While normally used as a financial term referring to the rapidly expanding economies of Brazil, Russia, India and  China, here the acronym BRIC refers to the budding Contemporary Art scene within these four nations.” For more information, please click HERE. To browse the catalogue, please click HERE.

Cataloging Excellence: The BRIC auction, featuring contemporary art from Brazil, Russia, India and China, presented by Phillips de Pury & Company at Sastchi Gallery London on April 23 and 24, 2010. Image via Phillips de Pury & Company.


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Emerging Excellence: Emma Summerton for Terry de Havilland

Presenting several Outstanding Polaroid images of footwear, as photographed for a recent advertising campaign for rock and roll couture shoemaker Terry de Haviland, by Australia-born, London-based artist Emma Summerton, represented by the MFA agency in London and New York,

Fancily photographed footwork: Artist Emma Summerton's Polaroid images for a recent advertising campaign for shoemaker Terry de Haviland. Image via MFA agency.

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Design Brief: 10 Quick Questions for Fashion’s Tim Hamilton

To view the men’s and women’s collections of the Outstandingly Excellent Tim Hamilton, please click HERE.

Portrait of Tim Hamilton via Tim Hamilton.

What is the Tim Hamilton aesthetic? A modern city street culture vibe. Tell me about “Climb” and “Rope,” your short film collaborations with the artist Collier Shorr. What was the concept? A few concepts came up based on my secondary line Redux. Redux embodies youthful classifications and for Spring/Summer 2010 the collection had a casual, active gym sensibility and, with that in mind, Collier’s work was perfect. She drove home the concept of the old gym. And the idea of showing the work and intensity and discipline it takes to climb the rope. The end result could be finishing, with exhaustion,  or not finishing, with a let down feeling. It’s open to interpretation, but I was really excited to work with her, as I love her work. Which artists have most influenced you? It varies. Right now, I love Michael Borreman a lot. You are the first American designer invited to show your collections during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. How did that come about? I was invited by the Chambre Syndicale and showing in Paris has always been a dream of mine. How has showing in Europe influenced your work? Well, I have been going to London and Paris, and all around Europe, for a while. I don’t think Europe influences my work directly, but Europe is the first time I did shows with a runway, which can express a lot of the mood of the season. How has winning the 2009 CFDA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Men’s Wear affected your career and business? Hasn’t really. I got a lot of congrats and flowers and Swarovski have been very generous. Please describe a typical day at the Tim Hamilton studios in New York and Paris. It depends on the time of year. Now we are in the middle of Spring/Summer 2011 design. That means long hours, lots of meetings for fabrics and bust forms and sketches everywhere. I hate when the office is mess. I get a little off from it. What is Excellence? I know this is a fashion question, but I would have to say happiness in life. Happiness will reflect on how one is dressed and how they present themselves. Please describe your vision of the ideal Tim Hamilton man or woman? They both are forward moving and hold strength in their overall being. What future projects/collaborations are you working on? We have a lot going on, but nothing I can discuss just yet.

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Conversations On A Banquette: Introducing Monarchy

Since late 2009, the blogosphere has been atwitter with speculation about the true identities of Monarchy, the mysterious London-based electro duo, whose trippy, synth-pop songs Gold in the Fire, Black, the Colour of My Heart, The Phoenix Alive (along with the accompanying space age-y video for it), plus remixes of tracks they’ve done for Fyfe Dangerfield, Penguin Prison, and Elie Goulding, have caused a veritable sensation, with everyone from the UK Guardian to The New Musical Express, and other breathless-with-anticipation critics, labeling them the new “It” band or “The Next Big Thing.” Monarchy’s sure-to-be-hailed latest, It Must Be love, is being released today. Have a listen, then judge for, and discuss, amongst yourselves.

NEW: Monarchy – It Must Be Love (below)

Our sound is cold comfort. The music is spacious, an arctic landscape with a pulsing life running beneath it. We have a certain love of synth-pop from years gone past, but we’re absolutely modern.” —Monarchy

Ok. Great tunes. But, still, who are Monarchy? Rather than engage in generic gossip, guessing games, or futile Google searches for hidden clues in their sound and look (some of which may or may not lead to plausible results), The Excellent People, as is our Outstanding habit and tried and true tenet, much prefer to go directly to the source, letting the top secret band speak for themselves. To read the full interview, please click here. (Downloadable PDF).

All hail the new kings of synth-pop: The mysterious Monarchy. Image via Monarchy and Brilliantly Different.

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