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Mysterious Excellence: Who is Monarchy? The Questions Are Asked, The Sounds Revealed, Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Stay Tuned. Listen.

Soon-to-be revealed: The Excellent synth-pop sounds of Monarchy. Video still image via Monarchy/Brilliantly Different.

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Remembrances of Excellency Past: The Scathingly Serious and Scintillating Social Satire of William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress

Presenting The Heir, part of A Rake’s Progress, the series of eight paintings by His Excellency William Hogarth, Outstanding 18th century British artist, social critic, pictorial satirist, printmaker and cartoonist. Hogarth, the pioneer of western sequential art, produced the canvases from 1732–33, then engraved and published them in print form in 1735. A Rake’s Progress charts the Excellent rise and the much less so fall of Tom Rakewell, the spendthrift son of a rich merchant, who heads to London where he chicly squanders his wealth on luxurious living, hookers and gambling. As a consequence, big spender Tom is ultimately locked up in the Fleet Prison and, finally, Bedlam, the notorious mental institution. In The Heir Tom has come into his fortune upon the death of his miserly father. While servants mourn, he is being measured for new clothes. He is also rejecting the hand of his pregnant fiancée, Sarah Young, whom he had promised to marry (she is holding his ring and her mother is holding his love letters). Ambitious Tom pays her off and moves on to more seemingly sophisticated others, but it is clear that she still loves him. Excellent karma takes care of the rest.

Excellently made-to-measure: A fitting outcome for Tom Rakewell, as depicted in A Rake's Progress by Outstanding 18th Century artist and social commenter William Hogarth.

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The Excellently Intense Complexity of Interpersonal Relationships as Played Out in Glamorous International Locales

Presenting Everyone Else, German diector Maren Ade’s new film, starring Birgit Minichmayr, Lars Eidinger, and Hans-Jochen Wagner, in which a young couple’s relationship is pushed to the brink while vacationing in the Mediterranean. On the surface, Chris, a brilliant architect, and Gitti, a publicist for an unknown rock band, appear blissfully in love while enjoying the sun and sand of Sardinia. But as they spend more time together, their playful teasing and silly games begin to unmask hidden fears and desires. When they accidentally run into another, seemingly happier and more successful couple (another architect and his artist girlfriend), the tensions between them erupt. Everyone Else is the quintessential breakup movie, which means the kindnesses, cute gestures, and happily-ever-afters of a typical screen romance are replaced by pettiness, ugly slights, backbiting, and the kind of hurt that only the most intimate are capable of inflicting on each other.

Secrets and lies: Lars Eidinger and Birgit Minichmayr portray a young couple vacationing in Sardinia in the German film Everyone Else.

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Quote, Unquote

I will regard this great honor not so much as an award for what I have achieved, but a standard to hold against what I have yet to accomplish.Eve Harrington, All About Eve

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Ephemeral Excellence: Jean Colonna’s Pop-Up Shop at The Joyce Gallery, Paris

Presenting the “Boutique Ephémère,” or pop-up shop, organized by His Excellency Jean Colonna, Institut Français de la Mode, and Galerie Joyce in Paris, open until May 30th, 2010. For the project, Colonna asked students from IFM’s 2010 graduating class, to customize a tank top from his 2010 collection. The legendary designer asked them to invent a utopian idea (a piece of clothing, images, words and sounds), based on his proposed garment, a silk tank top from Nepal (black or flesh toned). The 6 prototypes selected by Colonna, as well as a film documenting the process, are on view. Click HERE for more info.

Ephemeral Excellence: The Joyce Gallery in Paris.

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Excellent Revelation: Carine Roitfeld of Paris Vogue

Going behind the scenes with Her Excellency Carine Roitfeld, Outstanding editor in chief of Paris Vogue, in a 2009 documentary produced and broadcast by Revealed, the CNN television and web program.

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Conversations On A Banquette: Petar Petrov

“I don’t work with ideals as I think that visual beauty, or perfection, is not enough to make a person exciting,” says fashion designer Petar Petrov. We agree. In Conversations On A Banquette, our new interview series, Petrov, who is based in Vienna and shows his collections in Paris, reminisces about his past, talks about his future, and speculates on what it means to be Excellent. Please click here to read the full interview. (Downloadable PDF).

Conversation on banquette: Petar Petrov.

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Rahm Emanuel: Totally and Eminently Excellent, Arguably

Reading The Limits of Rahmism, the online preview of Peter Baker‘s New York Times Magazine profile of His Excellency Rahm Emanuel, former ballet dancer and brother of Hollywood power agent Ari Emanuel, currently eminently powerful and Outstandingly controversial White House chief of staff.

His Eminently Powerful Excellency Rahm Emmanuel, White House chief of staff. Outstandingly Excellent. Image via Stephen Crowley for The New York Times.

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