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Remembrances of Excellence (Recently) Past: RIP Helen Gurley Brown, Outstanding Cosmo Girl

The late Helen Gurley Borwn was Cosmopolitan’s editor  from 1965 to 1997, as recapped in her New York Times obituary.

Image via The New York Times via Santi Visalli/Getty Images

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Excellent Option: An Outstanding Alternate Location

An Excellently Outstanding alternate location HERE

The Excellent People at The Fancy.


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Signature Excellence: Anna Wintor On The Cover of WSJ. Magazine

Via Racked: Her Excellency Anna Wintour, as photographed by Mario Testino for the cover of WSJ.

Recognizble Excellence: Anna Wintour on the cover of WSJ. Image via Mario Testino via WSJ. via Rached.

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Excellent Recap: Didier Lestrade’s Outstandingly Influential ‘Magazine’

“Excellence is to be 52 and not ashamed by the choices I made. Excellence is being wary of money, because all the rich people I know are really fucked up. Excellence is saying what you want to say in a world in which you become a pariah if you dare to say what you think. Excellence is being able to die when you want, how you want. It’s finding a way to go through life without going to the shrink.” —Didier Lestrade

Um, ahem (clearing throat). Doctor, we couldn’t agree more, really, with Didier Lestrade, founder of Magazine, the legendary, still-influential-today, queer cult ‘zine from the ’80s, and the man who launched ACT-UP, Paris as well as TÊTU, France’s number one gay publication. We have a previously professed fondness for remembrances of great things past here at The Excellent People world headquarters, and Lestrade, along with Magazine, were but two of the French delights that astounded us with Outstanding Excellency during our all-too-brief coming-of-age period in Europe, oh so many years ago. At the time, we were big fans (still are) and readers of Magazine. Feeling nostalgic, we decided to catch up with Didier Lestrade. Now let’s focus on his long overdue close-up. To read the full interview, please click HERE.

Remembrances of Excellency Past: Didier Lestrade's 'Magazine'.

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Inspirational Excellence: Andy Warhol’s ‘Interview’, January 1973

Inspirational: Bianca Jagger on the cover of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, January 1973. Image via

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Lessons in Excellency: ‘Jill’ Magazine, As Edited by Elisabeth Dijan

Presenting some Excellently Outstanding spreads from the legendary, and still influential 1980s magazine Jill, edited by Elisabeth Dijan, via MissMagAddict at The Fashion Spot.

Historical Excellence: Jill magazine. Image via MissMagAddict at The Fashion Spot.

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Lessons in Excellency: The Photorealism of Painter Tim Gardner

Presenting Boy in Park, 2009, by Tim Gardner, represented by 303 Gallery in New York.

Boy in Park, 2009 by Tim Gardner. Image via 303 Gallery.

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Lessons in Excellency: Yang Yongliang’s Cigarette Ash Landscapes

Via Design Boom via The Fancy: “In ‘cigarette ash landscape‘, an installation by Chinese photographer and artist yang yongliang, black and white photographs are collaged and piled to mimic cigarette ash. The tip of a huge cigarette sculpture hung vertically in the installation space is revealed upon closer view to consist of cut and layered images of city skylines.” To read more, click here.

Excellency:In the installation by Yang Yongliang, three-dimensional collages of photographs take on the form of cigarette ash. Image via Design Boom via The Fancy.

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