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Conversations On A Banquette: Haute Couture Designer Adeline André

“Mon travail est basé sur le corps, les mouvements, la vie,” says haute couture designer Adeline André, which, translated, means “My work is based on the body, movements, life.” In 1997, André, who studied with Salvador Dali and trained alongside Marc Bohan at the House of Christian Dior, became one of the 10 official members of Paris’ prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and since 1981, the year she opened her own atelier, she has consistently presented outstandingly inventive, modern and marvelously minimalist collections, which have redefined the notion of what couture means. We first became aware of André’s Excellent aesthetic in the ‘80s while living in Paris, following an introduction by our great friend, the artist Valentin Durathon. Here, The EP catches up with her yet again to discuss, bilingually, her chic technique.  To read the full interview, please click HERE. (Downloadable PDF)

Haute Excellence: Adeline Andre (right) dresses a model during the presentation of her Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Paris, July 5, 2010. Image via Makiko Kishi, courtesy Adeline André.

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Upcoming: An Excellently Oustanding Conversation With Adeline Andre Concerning the Discreet Charm of Her Haute Couture Collections

The minimalist haute couture of designer Adeline Andre. Image via Adeline Andre.

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Couture Report: The Outstandingly Haute and Colorul Excellency of Parisian Designer Adeline Andre’s Multilayered “Suspension Dresses”

Excellency speaking for itself. Via Jenny Barchfield of The Associated Press: “...At Adeline Andre, technicians in white lab coats peeled layer after onion-like layer off one model, assembling what the carrot-topped designer called “suspension dresses” — something like multicolored silk nighties with abbreviated silk panels like midriff tops held at varying lengths by extra-long spaghetti straps — onto other models. Held in a two-room gallery in central Paris, the bare-bones show-cum-performance piece was at the opposite end of the spectrum from big-budget extravaganzas like Dior’s. But what it lacked in financial punch, the Andre show made up for it heart…”  Coming soon: Adeline Andre in conversation with The EP.

Haute suspension: Adeline Andre, far right, and technicians, dress Charlotte Flossaut during the recent Adeline Andre haute couture presentation in Paris, July 5, 2010. Image via ASVOF.

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Presenting the Fall/Winter 2009/10 couture collection of Her Excellency Adeline André, minimalist designer and member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne since 1997. “[Adeline André] could be called the mother of minimalism because her stark style since starting in 1981 has been so consistent, and her collection so pared down. Her shows are homages to Tupperware parties, called instead ‘Top-of-wear,’ …. Ms. Andre’s creations for men and women are made to measure in fabrics chosen from swatch cards she carries in her luggage.” —The New York Times

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