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Excellent Audio: Mr. Alan Hollinghurst Reads Chapter One of ‘The Stranger’s Child’, His Exquisitely Outstanding New Masterpiece

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Remembrances of Excellency Past: Alan Hollinghurst on Mick Imlah

Reading writer Alan Hollinghurst‘s poignant remembrance of the poet Mick Imlah in The Guardian.

Poetic Excelence: Mick Imlah photographed by Alan Hollinghurst. Image via Alan Hollinghurst via The Guardian.

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Quote, Unquote

Then there was a picture of Luc so mythically beautiful that my mouth went dry and then I found I was flooded with a little sob. He was looking through me, eyes narrowed but translucent in sunshine, sea-wet hair pushed oddly, darkly back, lips apart but firm, as if trying out his own name, naked to the bottom edge of the photograph, just below the navel, and his long hands stretched wide, some ordinary gesture, caught half-way through so that he looked like Nijinsky resting in the air. Alan Hollinghurst, The Folding Star

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The Shocking Surprise of Seductive Excellence

He was quite spotty, although probably about my age, and wore hopeless clothes—shapeless jeans, fluorescent trainers and complicated musician’s knitwear; but he was beautiful, with his dirty blond hair and chesnut eyes.Alan Hollinghurst


The Excellence of First Impressions

“[He was] very good company but somehow remote, the sort of person it is hopeless to fall for, as I quite did at first, with his hooting laugh and witty sentimental conversation.” Alan Hollinghurst


Quote, UnQuote

He had on the grey suiting of a business man, but with unusual tucks and vents, which seemed to hint at his role in the arts.Alan Hollinghurst



Presenting the Outstandingly Excellent drawings of British artist Matthew Carr.

Excellent artist Mathew Carr at work. Images via The Daily Telegraph.

Mathew Carr in his studio. Portrait of His Excellency Alan Hollinghurst on lower right.

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