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Strategically Excellent and Telling Power Placements: An Outstanding Photograph Featuring The 17 International Editors of Vogue, As Recently Photographed (Somewhat Together!) In Tokyo, Japan

From left to right: Yolanda Sacristan, Spain (seated); Kirstie Clements, Australia (middle); Anaita Adajania, India (back); Christiane Arp, Germany (seated); Angelica Cheung, China (standing); Franca Sozzani, Italy (seated); Mitsuko Watanabe, Japan (standing); Anna Wintour, U.S. (seated); Emmanuelle Alt, France (reclining); Alexandra Shulman, U.K. (seated); Victoria Davydova, Russia (standing); Anna Harvey, representing Brazil and Greece (seated); Seda Domanic, Turkey (seated); Myung Hee Lee, Korea (seated); Rosalie Huang,Taiwan (standing); Eva Hughes, Mexico and Latin America (standing), and Paula Mateus, Portugal (seated).

The International Vogue editors. Image via New York Magazine.

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Signature Excellence: Anna Wintor On The Cover of WSJ. Magazine

Via Racked: Her Excellency Anna Wintour, as photographed by Mario Testino for the cover of WSJ.

Recognizble Excellence: Anna Wintour on the cover of WSJ. Image via Mario Testino via WSJ. via Rached.

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Milan Report: The Excellence of Power and the Futile Protests Against It

Presenting two Excellent People, gathered outside of the Gucci runway show presentation in Milan on Saturday, February 27, 2010, wearing wigs and sunglasses, a la Anna Wintour, and t-shirts reading “I will only stay 3 days,” in protest to the forced shortening of the Milan show calendar (100 shows and presentations squeezed into 4 days) in order to accommodate the busy Vogue editor’s hectic schedule due to her attendance at the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood on March 7, 2010, after a quick dash to Paris for the Fall/Winter collections on view there from March 2 through 10.

Excellent look-a-likes: Silent protesters, dressed as Vogue editor Anna Wintour, outside the Gucci runway show presentation in Milan, Saturday, February 27, 2010. Image via Jessica Michault via Tweetphoto.

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Saluting and admiring All the Good Stuff Always Happens in the Ladies Room, the Excellently no-holds-barred, humorous and self-effacing Huffington Post account of 45-year-old legendary 1980’s Czech-Swedish supermodel Paulina Porizkova, longtime wife of rocker Ric Ocasek, about her, at moments, less than delightful evening at a recent amfAR gala held in New York during Fashion Week, and her treatment during run ins with such A-list Excellent People as Chloë Sevigny (“I told Chloë Sevigny I loved her in ‘Big Love,’ to which she responded with a “Thank you,” and clearly pronounced my full name–I think it was a compliment.”), John Kerry‘s daughter Alexandra Kerry, (she “was a bit standoff-ish, or at least to me. I complimented her on her dress and she just nodded. Ouch. I guess she found me of no significance. But she also appeared to be texting while the rest of us conversed. I felt like telling her I voted for her father, as though she owed me one.”), and Anna Wintour (“The real fun, though, was in the ladies’ room. I walked in and almost straight into Anna Wintour. “Hi, Anna,” I said brightly to Anna’s mirror reflection. Her large eyes in her large head flickered. And with the slightest nod, one that may have been a twitch, she left me standing at the sinks. I admit I felt a bit more than slighted, I was after all, on quite a few covers of her magazine, and the glance she gave me is one I’d give to an expired carton of milk. I am aware my expiration date (as a model) is long past, but a slight acknowledgment that I wasn’t the bathroom attendant would have been nice.”). And Excellent.

The height of fashion: Her Excellency Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek on cover of the, pre Anna Wintour-edited, September 1986 issue of Vogue magazine.

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