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Hall of Fame: The (Always) Outstanding Photographs of Juergen Teller

Presenting several Excellent images, and an installation view, from Paradis, an exhibition by the internationally renowned photographer Juergen Teller. The show features a series of nude photographs depicting actress Charlotte Rampling and model Raquel Zimmermann at the Louvre in Paris. Opening Friday, January 14th from 4 pm to 9 pm at the Johann Koenig Gallery in Berlin.

Paradis XVII, 2009 / Mona Lisa (Charlotte Rampling, Raquel Zimmermann), Paris 2009. Image via Juergen Teller via Johann Koenig Gallery.

Installation view 1 - 2011. Image via Roman März via Johann Koenig Gallery.

Outstandingly Excellent: Paradis XV - 2009 C-print 101,6 x 152,4 cm / 40 x 60 in. Image via Juergen Teller via Johann Koenig Gallery.

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Presenting the ravishingly Excellent Charlotte Rampling as photographed by kinkily Excellent Jeurgen Teller for his project Louis XV, published by Steidl, the world’s most Excellently exquisite art book house.


Charlotte Rampling, Louis XV by Juergen Teller (2004). Excellent image via Metapedia.

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