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Excellently in Conversation with Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall

Tokyo-based interior designer Masamichi Katayama, head of the Japanese firm Wonderwall, is one of the word’s foremost architects of extraordinarily innovative retail environments, chic bars, restaurants, offices and showroom spaces. If you are a trend conscious shopper, a wearer of the latest looks by A Bathing Ape, Uniqlo, Nike, a lover of the assorted chocolates from Godiva, the pastries of Pierre Hermé, or an habitué of Colette in Paris, chances are you’re a fan of his work. If not, the new book Archive 01, published by Parco, presents 50 or so Wonderwall projects completed since 1998 for your consideration. An accompanying exhibition is currently traveling throughout Japan (next venue: The Parco Gallery in Nagoya beginning March). While he might not consider himself an artist in the strict and often overwrought definition of that appellation, many fashion and design observers kindly beg to disagree. The EP recently spoke with Katayama to get his thoughts on the matter… To read the full interview, please click here. (Downloadable PDF)

The Excellence of interior designer Masamichi Katayama for A Bathing Ape. Image via Kozo Takayama for Wonderwall, courtesy KALEIDOSCOPE CONSULTING.

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Archival Excellence: The Projects of Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall

Presenting the layout of pages 14 and 15, offering a peek at interior and retail designer Masamichi Katayama‘s Outstanding work for Colette, in Paris, from the new book Wonderwall, Archives 01, published by Parco.

Pages 14 and 15 from Wonderwall, Archives 01. Image Courtesy of PARCO.

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For Your Consideration: A Scent of Excellence? Byredo Parfums – M/Mink – Eau de Parfum. Available Soon @ Colette & Barneys

Presenting the new Eau de Parfum M/Mink, a collaborative effort between Stockholm based fragrance house Byredo and creative partnership M/M (Paris), soon to be available at Colette in Paris and Barneys in New York.

Byredo Parfums' new M/Mink Eau de Parfum. Image via M/M Paris/Byredo Parfums..

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Conversations On A Banquette: Sarah Lerfel, of Colette, Paris

“We really opened Colette because Paris was missing many things we could find in New York City, London, etc.,” says Sarah Lerfel, better known, simplement, as Sarah, of Colette, the Outstandingly Excellent and internationally influential boutique, which she founded 13 years ago with her mother Colette Roussaux. Other reasons that prompted the two women to launch such a much-imitated shop? “Just the wish to mix together a restaurant, a gallery, and a selection of fashion, design, beauty, and culture products,” Sarah says.  And what an always surprising and inspiring mix of merchandise it is. Let’s take inventory…. To read the full interview, please click HERE.

Up the down staircase at Colette, Paris. Image via Colette.

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Collaborative Excellence: The “J’Aime Mon Carré”, Silk Scarves Collection via Hermès + Colette. Outstandingly Exclusive. Available Soon…

Via Style.com’s Rebecca Voight:  “Hermès: getting down with the kids. The august label—which usually prefers to keep its own counsel—is launching an exclusive collaboration with Colette this fall. What’s more, it’s jazzing up one of the most classic offerings in its repertoire: le carré, or silk scarf. Bali Barret, Hermès’ artistic director of silk—yes, they have one of those—designed a series of exclusive new designs for the scarves, in bold contrast colors and mash-up pattern prints. All the better to proclaim (as the collection’s title has it), “J’Aime Mon Carré.” They’ll be available from September 27 to October 16 at the Paris boutique, but if you can’t wait, http://www.jaimemoncarre.com launches later this summer, to document carré events and trace scarf lore at a series of events staged from the Czech Republic to Australia. And speaking of getting down with the kids—the house even commissioned photographer Matt Irwin to travel to four cities (New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo) to capture the scarf in situ for a carré ‘zine.”

“J’Aime Mon Carré": The Herems and Colette silk scarf collaboration. Image via Style.com.

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