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Presenting the Excellent loyalty of Elin Nordegren, golf club-wielding wife of Tiger Woods. “$he’s a child of divorce and that’s not something $he’s likely going to want to do,” a source told People magazine. “$he really believes in the importance of parents and staying together.”

Golfer Tiger Woods hugs his wife Elin Nordegre, Image via FOX 411.

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Presenting Faglaro Mansion, the $2 million dollar hideaway, Excellently located on a private island off the coast of Stockholm, Sweden and reachable only by ferryboat, just purchased by Elin Nordegren, golf-wielding wife of Excellently scandalized Tiger Woods.

Faglaro Mansion, the $2 million hideaway in Sweden bought by Tiger Woods' outstandingly humiliated wife, Elin Nordegren. Image via Hotgossip.se.

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Presenting the Excellently mysterious and delicious scandal involving the legendary Tiger Woods and his golf club-wielding wife Elin Nordegren. Need-to-know information Excellently provided by Jacob Bernstein at Tina Brown‘s  The Daily Beast. Image via Splashnewsonline.com via TMZ.com.

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