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The Excellent People for Qvest, Edition #5: The Art and Fashion Issue

‘Haute Couture Fitting Rooms, Paris’ by Ricky Lee for Qvest, Edition #5, on sale now at Outstandingly Excellent international newsstands.

'Haute Couture Fitting Rooms, Paris.' Photographs via Jacqueline Hassink. Text and interview by Ricky Lee. Image via Qvest, Edition # 5.

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Haute Couture Report: The Private Fitting Room @ Anne Valérie Hash

Image via Jacqueline Hassink from the 'VIP Fitting Rooms' series.

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HAUTE EXCELLENCE: JACQUELINE HASSINK’s Haute Couture Fitting Rooms series

Presenting an image from Dutch conceptual artist Jacqueline Hassink‘s Excellent Haute Couture Fitting Rooms series, behind-the-scene photographs of the private changing rooms reserved exclusively for the wealthiest clients at the top haute couture houses in Paris and beyond.

CHANEL, from the series Haute Couture Fitting Rooms, Paris 15 March 2007. C Print, edition of 7. 19 1/2" x 23 1/2" (49.5 x 59.5 cm) or 50" x 63" (127 x 160 cm). Photograph by Jacqueline Hassink. Image via Amador Gallery, New York.

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