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The Excellence of the Ancient Extraterrestrial Astronaut: The Dogu

Japanese Dogu statue of ancient astronaut, circa 1000 BC.

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Epistolary Excellence: The Paper Products of Winged Wheel of Japan

Admiring the personalized calling cards form the Excellent Winged Wheel of Japan, enriching communication since 1918, currently operating chic stores in Tokyo and Osaka, offering Outstanding classic, simple and innovative stationery made of 100 percent cotton paper manufactured at the foot of Mt.Fuji, and of Japanese washi paper made in the province of Echizen, a region with a 1000-year-old history of paper making in Japan. To view the full product selection and to order, visit the company website.

Epistolary Excellence: The paper products of Winged Wheel. On sale at shops in Tokyo and Osaka, Japap. Image via Winged Wheel.

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