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Hall of Fame: The (Always) Outstanding Photographs of Juergen Teller

Presenting several Excellent images, and an installation view, from Paradis, an exhibition by the internationally renowned photographer Juergen Teller. The show features a series of nude photographs depicting actress Charlotte Rampling and model Raquel Zimmermann at the Louvre in Paris. Opening Friday, January 14th from 4 pm to 9 pm at the Johann Koenig Gallery in Berlin.

Paradis XVII, 2009 / Mona Lisa (Charlotte Rampling, Raquel Zimmermann), Paris 2009. Image via Juergen Teller via Johann Koenig Gallery.

Installation view 1 - 2011. Image via Roman März via Johann Koenig Gallery.

Outstandingly Excellent: Paradis XV - 2009 C-print 101,6 x 152,4 cm / 40 x 60 in. Image via Juergen Teller via Johann Koenig Gallery.

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Presenting His Excellency Judy Blame, legendarily Excellent London-based stylist, historical fashion icon, and inventor, along with the Excellent Ray Petri, of Buffalo Style, wearing a necklace of his own design.

The Excellent Judy Blame as photographed by Juergen Teller.

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