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Conversations On A Banquette: Karl Tuikkanen

“The projects I find most successful are the ones that challenge me and I try to make them all do that,” says 37-year-old Swedish artist Karl Tuikkanen, who had the big idea to turn a 1990 BMW 750IAL into “The New Large,” a 1,800 pound phallus-shaped sculpture, priced at $100,000, that he and Nordin Gallery installed at the 2010 Volta New York art fair in March. Recently, Tuikkanen, a graduate of Stockholm’s Royal College of Fine Art, sat down to talk about why and how he tackled such a massive project and discussed his work and wry sense of humor in general, also explaining why, when he ponders Excellence, his thoughts turn immediately to The SimpsonsPlease click here to read the full interview. (Downloadable PDF).

Karl Tuikkanen's "I am the new Fucking Damien Murakami," Oil painting on linen, 188 cm x 188 cm. Image via the artist and Nordin Gallery, Stockholm.

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Image via Karl Tuikkanen.

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