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Design Brief: 10 Quick Questions for Fashion’s Tim Hamilton

To view the men’s and women’s collections of the Outstandingly Excellent Tim Hamilton, please click HERE.

Portrait of Tim Hamilton via Tim Hamilton.

What is the Tim Hamilton aesthetic? A modern city street culture vibe. Tell me about “Climb” and “Rope,” your short film collaborations with the artist Collier Shorr. What was the concept? A few concepts came up based on my secondary line Redux. Redux embodies youthful classifications and for Spring/Summer 2010 the collection had a casual, active gym sensibility and, with that in mind, Collier’s work was perfect. She drove home the concept of the old gym. And the idea of showing the work and intensity and discipline it takes to climb the rope. The end result could be finishing, with exhaustion,  or not finishing, with a let down feeling. It’s open to interpretation, but I was really excited to work with her, as I love her work. Which artists have most influenced you? It varies. Right now, I love Michael Borreman a lot. You are the first American designer invited to show your collections during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. How did that come about? I was invited by the Chambre Syndicale and showing in Paris has always been a dream of mine. How has showing in Europe influenced your work? Well, I have been going to London and Paris, and all around Europe, for a while. I don’t think Europe influences my work directly, but Europe is the first time I did shows with a runway, which can express a lot of the mood of the season. How has winning the 2009 CFDA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Men’s Wear affected your career and business? Hasn’t really. I got a lot of congrats and flowers and Swarovski have been very generous. Please describe a typical day at the Tim Hamilton studios in New York and Paris. It depends on the time of year. Now we are in the middle of Spring/Summer 2011 design. That means long hours, lots of meetings for fabrics and bust forms and sketches everywhere. I hate when the office is mess. I get a little off from it. What is Excellence? I know this is a fashion question, but I would have to say happiness in life. Happiness will reflect on how one is dressed and how they present themselves. Please describe your vision of the ideal Tim Hamilton man or woman? They both are forward moving and hold strength in their overall being. What future projects/collaborations are you working on? We have a lot going on, but nothing I can discuss just yet.

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