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Glittering Excellence: Scintillation by Parisian Director Xavier Chassaing

Presenting Scintillation, an experimental film by Paris-based director Xavier Chassaing. Made up of over 35,000 photographs, it combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.

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Excellent Reflections: Picture Me: A Model’s Diary, Directed by Ole Schell

Presenting, just in time for global Fashion Weeks, the official trailer for Picture Me: A Model’s Diary, the candid backstage documentary directed by Ole Schell, who, according to press reports, “followed model Sara Ziff for several years documenting her rise from a fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. In the process, Ole and Sara go behind the scenes and chronicle the glitzy world of high fashion modeling, from photo shoots with celebrated photographers to runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. This intimate account features in-depth interviews with noted photographers and designers, but also relies on footage shot by the models themselves, giving voice to those who are often seen, but rarely heard.” With glamorous appearances by Gilles Bensimon, Karl Lagerfeld, Nicole Miller and many Outstandingly Excellent and quite fashionable others.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Excellent Inspiration: Antonio Lopez, Fashion Illustrator, circa 1971

Excellency Hall of Fame: Legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez in the Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, 1971.

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Couture Report: The Haute Lion Kings of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Presenting Les Demoiselles de Chanel: A bride, accompanied by her groom, dressed as a Lion King, during the finale of Karl Lagerfeld‘s presentation for Chanel Haute Couture at Le Grand Palais in Paris, July 6, 2010.

Queen and King: The finale of Karl Lagerfeld's presentation of Chanel Haute Couture. Twitpic image via Stella Magazine.

And more…

Chanel Haute Couture. Twitpic via the Excellent Susan Tabak.

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Conversations On A Banquette: Mark Tungate on Luxury Branding

What qualifies as luxury? What exactly is branding? And how will the ever-changing digital communications landscape effect and change the two?  We get asked these ponderous questions often during our international travels and consultations with clients. At times, we have an Excellent response at the ready. In other moments, we refer our curious interlocutors to experts who know better than we do, pointing them to those who have taught us a lessons or two. One of our favorite authorities on these topics is Mr. Mark Tungate, the outstanding Paris-based British journalist and best-selling author of such must-read books as LUXURY WORLD: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands, BRANDED MALE: Marketing to Men, AD LAND: A Global History of Advertising, and FASHION BRANDS: Branding Style from Armani to Zara, among others. Each of these indispensable resources occupies a prominent spot on our USM system 350 bookshelves, as they are required reading around the executive offices of The EP world headquarters. Also required reading: The transcript of our recent and Excellent conversation with Mark, which starts here… To read the full interview, please click HERE. (Downloadable PDF)

Branded Male: The Lanvin Homme boutique, 15 rue du Faubourg St Honoré 75008 Paris. A quietly luxurious location where Excellently discreet service is lavished upon customers, in Mark Tungate's expert opinion. Image courtesy Lanvin, Paris.

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Excellent Short Film: The Oustandingly Tattooed Stefano Pilati Presents Ari Marcopoulos for Yves Saint Laurent Homme, Spring/Summer 2011

Screening No Way Back, the short film, directed by Ari Marcopoulos and featuring tattoo Los Angeles-based artist Mark Mahoney, to be shown during Stefano Pilati’s Spring/Summer 2011 presentation for Yves Saint Laurent, Friday, June 25 at 13h00 in Paris.

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All About The Excellent People: In Conversation with Ee (Executive Edits)

The table are turned as The Excellent People reminisces about the past, ponders the present, and projects the future during an Outstanding conversation with Michael Allen, publisher and managing editor of Ee (Executive Edits), the Excellent new digital magazine whose “focus lies at the intersection of insight and inspiration, delivering snapshots of businesses and individuals with fully charged mojo.” To read The EP interview, please click HERE.

Outstanding news: The Excellent People in conversation with Ee (Executive Edits). Image via Ee.

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