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Excellence = Miss Pat Cleveland and Mr. Stephen Burrows, 1972. Certainly. Outstanding. (Both, Simultaneously).

Outstandingly Excellent (Both, Simultaneously): Miss Pat Cleveland and Mr. Stephen Burrows, 1972. Image via Charles Tracy via The New York Times.

Outstandingly Excellent (Both, Simultaneously): Miss Pat Cleveland and Mr. Stephen Burrows, 1972. Image via Charles Tracy via The New York Times.

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Excellency Hall of Fame: Sterling St. Jacques, Actor, Dancer, Model, Etc.

Presenting His Excellency Sterling St. Jacques, mysterious 1970s sometimes actor, dancer, model and Outstanding bon vivant. From Smoke and Mirrors: Searching for Sterling St. Jacques via Dusty S. and  Cotton Candy Truant: “…In the early to mid 1970s, Sterling met and befriended up and coming fashion model, Patricia (Pat) Cleveland. Cleveland (who is recognized as being one of the world’s first black supermodels) started out modeling for Johnson Publications’ Ebony magazine. After her stint with Ebony, Cleveland became fashion designer Halston’s muse and number one living doll. Cleveland and St. Jacques were seen everywhere – from the discotheque to The Hamptons and beyond. Together, they were the younger version of Geoffrey Holder and Carmen De Lavallade in that they were both performers, dancers, dress to the nines, witty and adored the limelight. This was no tacky affair. In 1976, the two became engaged. This was just another cover to conceal St. Jacques’ homosexual proclivities (If you ask why, this is because sometimes you do what you got to do.)…”

Sterling St. Jacques dancing at Halston's pad with his legendary partner-in-crime, Pat Cleveland {Bob Colacello/1975}

“…In his day, Sterling St. Jacques walked the runways for Givenchy, Halston, Willi Smith (among other noted designers) and showed up at many high society events, blue eyes {which by some accounts say they were blue contact lens) and all. Sterling is most famous for being one of the flamboyant regulars of Studio 54, dancing and spinning many famous (and infamous) patrons ’round the dance floor. Sometime in 1978, Cleveland dropped the charade and married someone else. Soon after Cleveland exited, Sterling claimed to the press he was in the poor house and was thinking of opening a dance studio in Manhattan. This idea never took shape. In Italy, he briefly tried to become a nightclub DJ…”. More info on Sterling St. Jacques HERE.

Article on the jet-setting Pat Cleveland and Sterling St. Jacques {Ebony/ August, 1977}


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Presenting Her Excellency Pat Cleveland, vintage (yet still in-demand, for select and exclusive special occasions), original, top international fashion runway model, muse to Halston, among others, and living proof that  Runway takes nerves of steel. The ability to change clothes in a hot phone booth in 30 seconds and to prance out unwrinkled and smiling, in step with a hot, hard disco beat. A good runway model carries a designer’s reputation on her body. Every stitch she puts on must move like a million dollars.”

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