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Excellent Selections (Paris Report): Choosing the Models @ Petar Petrov

Photographer Christoph Pirnbacher and designer Petar Petrov choose models for the A/W 2011 Petrov show.

Photographer/collaborator Christoph Pirnbacher and designer Petar Petrov having the usual model headache before the A/W 2011 show. Image via WordwideWade via Twitpic.

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Paris Report: Fittings @ Petar Petrov

Designer Petar Petrov reviews fittings for his A/W 2011 show.

Petar Petrov "reviewing 2day's fittings 4 his aw1112 show." Image via Jean-Luc Dupont via Twitpic.

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Paris Report: Slightly Stressful Final Last Minute Show Seating Preparations

From Jean-Luc Dupont of Systeme D, via Twitter: “computer, names, addresses, neon pink highlighting, music : working on the final @PETAR_PETROV listing …”  #pfw http://yfrog.com/h5uhtij

TwitPic via Jean-Luc Dupont of Systeme D, Paris.

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Conversations On A Banquette: Petar Petrov

“I don’t work with ideals as I think that visual beauty, or perfection, is not enough to make a person exciting,” says fashion designer Petar Petrov. We agree. In Conversations On A Banquette, our new interview series, Petrov, who is based in Vienna and shows his collections in Paris, reminisces about his past, talks about his future, and speculates on what it means to be Excellent. Please click here to read the full interview. (Downloadable PDF).

Conversation on banquette: Petar Petrov.

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Coming soon: A conversation with Petar Petrov, most Excellent young Vienna-based, Bulgarian designer. Says Petrov of his Fall 2010 collection: “Following the idea of a simple esthetic of forms, we developed this collection of pieces far from a formal way of dressing… A selection of the best basic items that come into existence from a situation or usage, with a redefined tailoring, using all our knowledge of fabric treatments and textile innovation, providing a masculine coolness for people who feel more like rebels in an aligned society.” Lookbook image by the Excellent Christoph Pirnbacher for Petar Petrov, via TheFashionisto.com.

Excellent looks form Petar Petrov's Fall 2010 collection. Images by the Excellent photographer Christoph Pirnbacher, a longtime, Outstandingly talented, Petrov collaborator, via Thefashionisto.com.

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Backstage at Dries van Noten:

Image via PR Consulting via Twitter via Yfrog.com.

Dries van Noten from above:

Image via PR Consulting via Twitter via Yfrog.com.

A sneak peek at Bruce Weber film for Yves Saint Laurent:

Image courstey Yves Saint Laurent via Twitter.

Attending Petar Petrov‘s Fall/Winter 2010 presentation:

Image courtesy Systeme D via Twitter via Yfrog.com.

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Awaiting the presentation of Petar Petrov‘s sure-to-be-Excellent new Fall/Winter 2010 collection to be informally shown, from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., on Thursday, January 21, 2010 at Showroom Romeo, 18 rue Ferdiand Duval, 75004 Paris. Drinks and nibbles will be served. The collection will also be shown by appointment only from january 21 to 24.

The invitation to Petar Petrov's Fall/Winter 2010 menswear presentation.

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