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Emerging Excellence: Emma Summerton for Terry de Havilland

Presenting several Outstanding Polaroid images of footwear, as photographed for a recent advertising campaign for rock and roll couture shoemaker Terry de Haviland, by Australia-born, London-based artist Emma Summerton, represented by the MFA agency in London and New York,

Fancily photographed footwork: Artist Emma Summerton's Polaroid images for a recent advertising campaign for shoemaker Terry de Haviland. Image via MFA agency.

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Developing Excellence: PX 100 Silver Shade/Flash Flush, The Impossible Project’s New Instant FIlm For The Polaroid SX 70

Capturing Outstanding imagery with PX 100 Silver Shade/First Flush, The Impossible Project‘s brand new PX Silver Shade Instant Film. “Astonishing monochrome material in a limited First Flush Edition. Optimized for the use in traditional Polaroid SX 70 cameras. First Flush Film is experimental material that will produce changing results depending on light conditions and temperature.” Quite Excellent, and photogenic.

Outstanding development: The Impossible Project's brand new PX Silver Shade Instant Film. Image via The Impossible Project.

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