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Conversations On A Banquette: Mark Tungate on Luxury Branding

What qualifies as luxury? What exactly is branding? And how will the ever-changing digital communications landscape effect and change the two?  We get asked these ponderous questions often during our international travels and consultations with clients. At times, we have an Excellent response at the ready. In other moments, we refer our curious interlocutors to experts who know better than we do, pointing them to those who have taught us a lessons or two. One of our favorite authorities on these topics is Mr. Mark Tungate, the outstanding Paris-based British journalist and best-selling author of such must-read books as LUXURY WORLD: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands, BRANDED MALE: Marketing to Men, AD LAND: A Global History of Advertising, and FASHION BRANDS: Branding Style from Armani to Zara, among others. Each of these indispensable resources occupies a prominent spot on our USM system 350 bookshelves, as they are required reading around the executive offices of The EP world headquarters. Also required reading: The transcript of our recent and Excellent conversation with Mark, which starts here… To read the full interview, please click HERE. (Downloadable PDF)

Branded Male: The Lanvin Homme boutique, 15 rue du Faubourg St Honoré 75008 Paris. A quietly luxurious location where Excellently discreet service is lavished upon customers, in Mark Tungate's expert opinion. Image courtesy Lanvin, Paris.

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