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Quote, Unquote

Then there was a picture of Luc so mythically beautiful that my mouth went dry and then I found I was flooded with a little sob. He was looking through me, eyes narrowed but translucent in sunshine, sea-wet hair pushed oddly, darkly back, lips apart but firm, as if trying out his own name, naked to the bottom edge of the photograph, just below the navel, and his long hands stretched wide, some ordinary gesture, caught half-way through so that he looked like Nijinsky resting in the air. Alan Hollinghurst, The Folding Star

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Quote, Unquote

I will regard this great honor not so much as an award for what I have achieved, but a standard to hold against what I have yet to accomplish.Eve Harrington, All About Eve

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“I don’t think she has the biggest power-players on speed dial, but she has rich non-Page Sixers who spend big money. In her job, you wrangle people, make sure they have a great time when they’re at the club, provide them with connections in Los Angeles and Vegas when they’re there. It’s an extended client services job.” — An anonymous Excellent Person commenting on a competitor

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“I have a very dark side, a side that has struggled a lot with depression, and I’ve never been one who showed that to the oustide world. I think when you say to someone, ‘Good morning, How are you?’ they should say, ‘Great, terrific,’ because everyone struggles in life. The Yves Saint Laurent thing used to drive me nuts—his depressions, his alcoholism, his addictions, his whatever. Most people have a lot of problems. You can define yourself by them, or you can realize that everyone is going through what you’re going through and you make the best of it and you get on with your life and you don’t necessarily inflict that, because others probably have that too. They’re just not inflicting it on you.” Tom Ford, W Magazine, December 2009

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