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Executive Excellence: Jean-Louis Robert Frédéric Dumas of Hermès, RIP

Mourning the death of 72-year-old Jean-Louis Dumas, Outstanding amateur photojournalist and Excellent creative director of Hermès for 30 years. Jean-Louis Dumas: Photographer, a beautifully bound 2 volume collection of Monsieur Dumas’ sophisticated, mostly black and white images, capturing intimate moments from his life and travels, elegantly shot with an old Leica, was published by the art book house Steidl in 2008.

A spread of photographs taken by Jean Louis Dumas from the book Jean-Louis Dumas: Photographer, published by Steidl. Image via Steidlville.

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The Undeniable Ultra Lux Excellence of Philippe Morillon

Remembering and applauding His Excellency Philippe Morillon, French painter, photographer, and art director (Vogue Paris, Egoïste, among others), and the books featuring his Outstanding work: Ultra Lux, with forewords by Andy Warhol and the punk rock critic, and dandy, Yves Adrien, published by Editions Walter in 1981, and Philippe Morillon Une dernière danse ? 1970 -1980 Journal d’une décennie (Philippe Morillon: The Last Dance? 1970-1980 Journal of a Decade) with a preface by Karl Kagerfeld, recently released by Lagerfeld’s Editions 7L imprint via  Steidl. To view further examples of Phiippe Morillon’s Excellency, please click HERE.

Djémila chez Serge Krüger, 1977, by Philippe Morillon.

A 1975 self portrait of Philippe Morillon as a young man from his book Ultra Lux, published in 1981 by Editions Walter.

Photos de Philippe Morillon de 1 à 40 ans, 1990 (Photos of Philippe Morillon from 1 to 40 years old, 1990) by Philippe Morillon.

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Presenting the ravishingly Excellent Charlotte Rampling as photographed by kinkily Excellent Jeurgen Teller for his project Louis XV, published by Steidl, the world’s most Excellently exquisite art book house.


Charlotte Rampling, Louis XV by Juergen Teller (2004). Excellent image via Metapedia.

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