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Excellent Confessions: The Outstanding Mister Frank Ocean


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Remembrances of Excellency Past: Alan Hollinghurst on Mick Imlah

Reading writer Alan Hollinghurst‘s poignant remembrance of the poet Mick Imlah in The Guardian.

Poetic Excelence: Mick Imlah photographed by Alan Hollinghurst. Image via Alan Hollinghurst via The Guardian.

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Who Will Dare to Forget the Extreme Excellence of Guy Bourdin?

Remembrances of Excellency Past: Artist Guy Bourdin, “A key player in the transformation of fashion photography from being about the product to emphatically being about the image, Bourdin constructed scenarios of sexual danger and sadistic allure, voyeuristic thrills and murderous passion. Female bodies of mannequin stillness and corpse-like chill feature in what look like stills from a soft-porn film directed by Hitchcock at his darkest.” —Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian

Are you a fan? Become one here. Or, uncover When the Sky Fell Down: The Myth of Guy Bourdin, director Sean Brandt‘s forthcoming documentary, here.

High fashion profile: Portrait of legendarily Excellent photographer Guy Bourdin via Facebook.

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